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Bird's Eye View Garden Masterplan

Garden Design

Creating a stunning garden is a pleasure and a joy but, for many, it can also be a daunting prospect.

That's where we come in. 

Whether your space is compact or extensive, we'll create a beautiful and thoughtful design tailored to your needs and then be the safe pair of hands that ensures every perfect detail is built as  envisioned.

Planting Design

If you're not looking for a full redesign, but still want to make the most of the garden you have - or maybe just find the choice in garden centres overwhelming - then our bespoke planting design will transform your borders and inspire you to enjoy your garden throughout the seasons:  without the worry about whether you've put the right plants in the right place.

Bright Pink Flower Border with Dahlias
Visual Representation of a Sculpture and Gravel Garden

Landscape Design &  Consultancy

For larger sites - whether you're initiating a new build, looking to refresh areas of an extensive garden, wishing to make your outside space more cohesive, or even have a full redesign - we can be on hand. We'll work with you to implement, manage and phase projects over the long term, assist with planning applications, and source and commission individual pieces that enhance your environment.

Garden Consultancy 

If you have a specific problem in your garden that inhibits you fully enjoying it or are just in need of some inspiration to get your garden renovation started, then our consultancy and garden coaching service can suggest solutions and ideas to help kickstart your garden plans - available virtually or on-site.

Planting Style Mood Board
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