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Oughton Blair is an award-winning garden and planting design studio specialising in naturalistic, romantic and multi-sensory gardens that are sanctuaries for people and nature. We reimagine, rejuvenate and refresh outdoor spaces for domestic, commercial and third sector clients in rural and semi-rural settings across Essex and beyond. Mindful of the natural landscape, built environment and heritage, we work sensitively and sustainably to create resilient and functional gardens in which spirits soar and memories are made. 



Your Designer

Emma-Jayne Blair










My approach to design is based on the following principles: 


Abundance: My designs have naturalistic, generous and free-flowing qualities that inspire people to enjoy their gardens throughout the seasons. 

Multi-sensory: We don't just look at gardens, we immerse ourselves within them. Sound, scent and touch are critical elements of my designs, ensuring the garden can be fully experienced by all. 


Connections: A well designed garden reflects and fosters the unique connections between those that share it, and deepens the connection between the home and the wider landscape within which it sits. My designs are sensitive to, and look to enhance, those connections. 

Timelessness: Gardens are an investment as well as being a place where memories are created and held. As such, I work to ensure your garden will stand the test of time by using materials that age well and plants that are resilient to a changing climate. 


I completed my design training at KLC School of Design, London, graduating with a Distinction and the Andrew & Karen Howes Award for Best Historical Garden. I then further developed my practical horticultural knowledge by studying for my RHS qualifications at Hever Castle.  


Previous to transitioning to design, I was an Environmental Anthropologist and worked collaboratively with growers, producers and chefs across the world to enhance understandings of culinary heritage and environmental practices: experiences and skills that continue to inform my design process today. 

Headshot, Emma-Jayne Blair

As the founder and lead designer of Oughton Blair, I'm passionate about the joys of plants and green spaces, and love working with nature to create harmonious and uplifting spaces. But it's not just about a stunning end result. Creating a garden is an exciting and inspiring journey, and I want you to fully enjoy the process - safe in the knowledge that I'm working to make it as stress-free as possible.

English Country Garden

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If you're interested in exploring how we can help you make the most of your garden, please give us a call on 07970 324774 or send an email to

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